Come setlist, August 19, 1995

“Thalia’s setlist from that final show with the original lineup (Aug. 19, 1995). I grabbed it off the stage after she walked off. A day or two later I saw her on the street and offered it to her, but she told me to keep it. They did at least another six or eight songs not listed here — but I can’t remember which ones. They basically played every song one last time until the place shut down. Wish I had written them all down. I remember distinctly that they played ‘I Got the Blues,’ however. That was the first and only time I heard them play that in concert. They were taking requests and someone in the audience suggested it — Thalia started saying, ‘Well, we’re not allowed to play that because the Stones are on tour right now.’ (It’s a Rolling Stones song, as I’m sure you know.) But then Chris started playing it anyway, so she and Arthur and Sean jumped in and they ripped through it. I don’t know if they ever got in trouble for that … I think they ended with some other covers — including ‘Loin of the Surf’ and ‘City of Fun.’ But I’m not sure. Wonder if anyone videotaped that final show?” — Marc Sommer