Come, 1994

“This is a poster that I took off the wall at TT the Bear’s Place, a rock club in Cambridge, MA (literally around the corner, about 30 yards, from the Middle East). I took the poster because the show was so fucking great. I’ve seen them play many, many times, but this show and their final show with their original lineup were the best ones that I witnessed. The year was 1994 (although not printed on the poster). This was around the time that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell came out. Memories of the show — it was HOT that night. The place (small to begin with) was very crowded. The highlights were ‘Finish Line’ and ‘German Song’ off the new album, DADT — even though the crowd hadn’t heard these songs before, we were blown away by them — very unusual when a band plays its new stuff — usually a crowd just tolerates the new stuff and hopes for the old stuff. Not that night. After they played ‘Bell,’ some guy in the back yelled out ‘We love you, Thalia!’ She kind of smirked, embarrassed, and shot back, ‘Fuck you,’ which made everyone (including the band) laugh.” — Marc Sommer