Facebook: Official Facebook page with photos, news, and upcoming shows

Kimchee Records’ bio page: Short biography, selected discography

Thrill Jockey Records’ info page: Nice photographs, information about newest record, tour information



Official website: Thalia Zedek’s new band, a three-piece called E

Facebook: Official Facebook page

Twitter: E on Twitter



Matador Records’ bio page: Biographical information, Matador discography, soundclips, links, outdated news items

BBC Radio 1: Dates and track listings for Come’s Peel Sessions

Video Data Bank: Clip of a short film set to Come’s “German Song” by filmmaker Sadie Benning


Live Skull:

BBC Radio 1: Date and track listing for Live Skull’s Peel Session

Rich Hutchins: Drummer in the final lineup of Live Skull



New York Times: Article on the Boston scene, including information on the brief tenure and sudden breakup of Uzi


Dangerous Birds:

Dangerous Birds: Emergency on YouTube (audio only)


David Michael Curry’s blog: The violist in the Thalia Zedek band updates about his musical projects, with photos, the occasional tour diary, and other news items. Also see his Twitter here

Chris Brokaw: Thalia Zedek’s Come guitar twin