Only not-in-print material is available on this site. I don’t wish to be sued, so I’m hoping this way, people won’t be missing any royalties and getting mad at me for it.

Dangerous Birds:
Catholic Boy, from Propeller compilation, 1981
Alpha Romeo, from 7″, 1982
Smile on Your Face, from 7″, 1982
Emergency, from Laughing at the Ground compilation, 1982
Criminal Child, from Sleep Asylum, 1986
Live Skull:
Was, from Snuffer EP, 1988
[does anyone know the title of this song?], from Peel Session, March 22, 1989
Safe From Me, from Peel Session, March 22, 1989
Sharon vs. Karen, from Peel Session, December 3, 1993
City of Fun, Only Ones cover, from Peel Session, December 2, 1993
Angelhead, from String 10″, 1995
Who Jumped in My Grave, from String 10″, 1995
Hurricane II, from Secret Number EP, 1996
Submerge, music video of an early Come track on YouTube, c. 1992
Cimarron, fantastic music video on YouTube, c. 1995
Questioningly, from Live at Tonic, 2000
Sloe-Eyed, originally by Come, from Live at Tonic, 2000
Winning Hand, music video on YouTube, 2013
Go Home, music video on YouTube, 2013

Other sources for sound files:

Come reunion show: mp3 recordings from an April 16, 2011 reunion gig at the Bell House, New York City
Live set by Come on the Cherry Blossom Clinic: April 16, 2011 performance on WFMU
“1926” by V;: The original version of “1926,” by the early-’80s Boston-based band V;
Liars and Prayers, live podcast: Under Pipeline!, click on April 22, 2008 link
Thrill Jockey Records: Several videos of live performances by the Thalia Zedek Band
Empty House Cooperative: Video footage of one-off Come reunion show in Spain
Bradley’s Almanac: mp3s of a Thalia Zedek gig from February 2005
Come on Matador Records: videos of Come performing music