1987 Greed: Nice article about Live Skull with some interesting mentions of Thalia Zedek; circa 1987
1993 Option: Great in-depth look at Thalia Zedek’s transition from Live Skull and a heroin addiction to her return to Boston and formation of Come, with some insight into her personal life; January/February 1993 BEST
Collegian: Come prepare for a nationwide tour as their star rises. Pleasant informal banter with Thalia Zedek; March 1993
Rolling Stone: Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw describe their music and style to Rolling Stone; April 1993
1994 Melody Maker: Love lost, heroin, and other painful things influence Come’s evolving sound; review, 1994
Filler: Interview with other members of Come, 1994 ADDED
Qrt’s Garage: Interview with Thalia and Chris ADDED
1995 Bust: Good interview with Thalia Zedek, touching upon her childhood, family background, and musical coming-of-age, along with her views on homocore and feminism; Winter/Spring 1995 BEST
Fizz: A little girl interviews Come in this playful, often silly interview. Where else can you read about Thalia Zedek’s views on Betty Boop? Also includes Thalia’s very funny “coming out” to her young interviewer BEST
Boston Phoenix: The departure of Come’s rhythm section marks the end of an era for this Boston favorite. Details of the original lineup’s final gig; August 1995
1996 Chicago Tribune: Review of a Chigaco Come show
Melody Maker: Mixed review of Near Life Experience; Review, 1996
Melody Maker: Short interview with Thalia about Near Life Experience; Q&A, 1996
Boston Phoenix: The musical histories of Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw, and how the two came together to form Come
Puncture: Interview with Thalia, and the departure of Come’s rhythm section, summer 1996 ADDED
Paper: Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw discuss their new album, Near Life Experience, and talk about the current state of Come
Alternative Press: Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw decide to continue playing as Come after the departure of their rhythm section. They also discuss their musical collaboration with Steve Wynn; November 1996
1998 Minnesota Daily: Interview with Chris about Come’s fluctuating lineup and new album, February 1998
Willamette Weekly: Article about Come’s new lineup, with interview with Chris Brokaw; March 1998
The Slant: Show review, March 1998 ADDED
CMJ: Conversation between Thalia Zedek and Mark Sandman; 1998
San Diego Union-Tribune: Thalia Zedek discusses the sad state of “alternative rock,” her band’s influences and aesthetic, and where Come stands in the music world; 1998?
1999 Instant: Chris Brokaw and Thalia Zedek are interviewed about Come’s sound and lyrics, as well as their newest album, Gently Down the Stream
2001 Venus Zine: Thalia Zedek interview, 2001
El Camaleón: Brief article about the solo debut, with some quotations from Thalia. In Spanish and translated into English; June, 2001
Vizzavi: Thalia Zedek discusses her solo album and the stylistic differences between Come and her solo work. In Portuguese and translated into English; July, 2001
Clarknova: Short article in French, with English translation; 2001?
Pulse!: Thalia Zedek’s unlikely involvement with the Indigo Girls’ Suffragette Sessions tour and the lead-up to her first solo effort, September 2001
The Advocate: Thalia Zedek on the stylistic transition between Come and Been Here and Gone, October 2001
The Stranger: Interview with Thalia Zedek, October 2001
Stanford Daily: Show review with Thalia Zedek interview, October 2001
2004 Gay & Lesbian Times: In Thalia we trust: an interview with Thalia Zedek, August 2004 ADDED
2008 Well-Rounded Radio: Podcast interview, June 2008 ADDED
Alarm Press: Thalia discusses inspirations for Liars and Prayers, July 2008 ADDED
ElectricGhost Blog: Thalia Zedek and Dave Curry discuss music, touring, and U.S. politics; November 2008
London Tourdates Magazine: Brief questionnaire, November 2008 ADDED
1996 Boston Phoenix: Making more music about boats and relationships, May 1996
1997 Amp: interview with Thalia Zedek & Chris Brokaw, c. 1997
1998 Tim McMahan: The Misunderstood Dreams of Thalia Zedek, February 26 1998
Boston Phoenix: Home girl, February 1998
2001 Boston Phoenix: Been there and gone, August 2001
OnlineAthens: Modern music: Thalia Zedek makes it real, October 2001
2002 Penny Black Music: Interview, January 2002
2004 Boston Phoenix: Softer sell: The quieter side of Thalia Zedek, 2004
2008 Boston Globe: Thalia Zedek’s second coming: The Allston musician hits the road again with a retooled sound, May 2008
2010 Boston Phoenix: Come hither: Thalia Zedek and company reunite, September 2010
2011 Guitareste: brief interview, February 2011
Village Voice: Q&A with Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw with some videos, April 2011
Village Voice: review of Come reunion show, April 2011
2013 The Quietus: Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw reflect on their years in Come and 11:11‘s upcoming reissue by Matador; January 2013
The Big Takeover: Many beautiful black-and-white photographs of the Thalia Zedek Band, with special guest Chris Brokaw; March 2013 ADDED
Magnet: Thalia Zedek discusses the new album, increasing confidence as a solo artist, and Daniel Coughlin’s departure and his replacement by Dave Bryson; April 2013
2014 The Quietus: Thalia Zedek speaks about her newest release, Six; February 2014
WBUR: Thalia Zedek’s lasting influence in Boston and beyond; July 2014
2001 Gästeliste: Düstere Romantik (in German), 2001

If anyone would like to help with English translations, let me know